Sprouts Nursery - April, May,June & July 2018

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Sunday April 1 EASTER

AM  Suzette Caffrey, Amber Wise, Myah Fernandez


Sunday April 8

AM  Anna Vasquez, April Raysor,Carleigh Erkinger


 Sunday April 15 

AM  Stacey & Nicole Copenhaver, Arin Schaeffer


Sunday April 22

AM  Dave & Donna Metzger, Dawn Menya


 Sunday April 29

 AM Anne & Pete Day, Auddrey Lafferty

Sunday May 6 

AM  Suzette Caffrey, Michelle Fair, Mackenzie Hainley 


Sunday May 13 - MOTHER'S DAY

AM Anna Vasquez, April Raysor,Lori Paliy 


Sunday May 20 

AM Stacey Copenhaver, Deb Karkoska, Faith Steffy 


Sunday May 27  

AM  Dave & Donna Metzger, Dawn Menya

Sunday June 3

 Suzette Caffery, Anna Vasquez, Lori Paliy


Sunday June 10

AM  Amber Wise, April Raysor, Carleigh Erkinger


 Sunday June 17 - FATHER'S DAY

AM  Stacey Copenhaver, Deb Karkoska, Aubrey Haldeman


 Sunday June 24

AM  Dave & Donna Metzger, Dawn Menya

  Sunday July 1 

AM  Amber Wise, April Raysor, Jean Varjan  


Sunday July 8 

AM  Stacey Copenhaver, Anna Vasquez, Summer Haldeman 


Sunday July 15 

AM Audrey & Vince Lafferty, Crystal Willford 


Sunday July 22  

AM  Dave & Donna Metzger, Dawn Menya

Sunday July 29 

AM  Michelle Fair, Deb Karkoska, Anne Day

Verse of the Day

"Building Lives From The Ground Up"